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Plaster Proof +


Integral admixture for cement mortar. Imparts self-curing crack resistant, Shrinkage control and integral waterproofing. Works with high-fine crushed sand also. For brick-binding, plastering tile mortar bed. Areas Of Uses Plastering, Brick Binding, Crack Repairs, Dampness Repair, Control Hollowness In Tiling, Controlling Aac Block Cracking, Efflorescence Control On Red Bricks.



Plaster Proof + is a third-generation superplasticizer for waterproofing. It is particularly developed for waterproofing the plastering mortar, roof slab casting etc. Plaster Proof+ is especially suitable for use in all types of concrete and mortar containing micro silica and other Pozzolanic materials. This product is suitable for moderate climatic conditions.

Plaster Proof​​